If You Are A Dog Lover, Do Checkout 20 Fantastic Gifts for Dog Owners

20 Fantastic Gifts for Dog Owners

We have spoken to dog owners, dog trainers, dog groomers and vets to come up with perfect list of 20 of the best gifts for dog lovers. So let’s dive right in and spread cheer in the lives of your favorite furry friends and their human parents!

1. Dog Custom Portraits

A customized portrait of the dog will be simply adored by the doting parent. You can create a beautiful illustration of the dog and it will everyone smile every time they walk by it. The museum quality paper will make it a very polished gift. These are fantastic to gift on birthdays and special occasions

2. Dog Sofa

Get your friend’s dog his own comfortable and chic lounger bed. The plush cushioning will help create a cozy spot for a snooze and the cotton fabric will be soft to the touch. Make sure that the cover can be removed and washed separately as required. On cold days, simply add a blanket to help keep the dog warm.

3. Dog Sculpture

Whether or not your friend knows it, the Chinese lettering engraved on these sculptures usually mean loyalty. Plus, dog lovers will enjoy the calming effect these sculptures can bring to any space.

4. Dog Sweater

Sweaters are a great way to show that you care. You can gift your friend a hand-knit sweater made by artisans from South America to keep the dog warm and snug in winter times. The fair-trade sweater will be made of 100% natural and organic wool. It will help insulate from chilly weather and will be comfortable and allergy-free. These debonair sweaters will make your furry friend look smart and dapper wherever he goes.

5. Dog Hoodies

Dog hoodies will keep the dog cozy and warm in the cold, freezing time of the year. You can gift a hoodie made of recycled materials with a warm hood and trim for an extra-comfy fit. From daily walks to weekend adventures, a well-crafted hoodie will make sure they look and feel fresh for it all.

6. Dog Towel

A good towel for dogs will soaks up the moisture after bathing so that the pup can quickly transition from shower time to lounge time. The microfiber construction will absorbs water fast, while the neck closure will ensure that they towel stays in place while drying the pet.

7. Dog Smart Camera

A dedicated pet camera is the answer to many pet-related issues. It is a virtual supervisor for your friend as it can live-stream video allowing them to monitor their dog on their phone with a wide angle, day & night. The camera has 2-way audio and barking alerts. You can even get an app which allows you to play games with the dog.

8. Dog Scarf

Nothing is better than gifting your friend something that will help him take care of their dog. And a scarf that will keep a dog warm and cozy is a great gift for dog lovers.

9. Dog LED Harness

Illuminated dog harness are a great safety device. Not only will the light turn on, it will glow and pulse. You can choose the color the harness displays or allow it to run through all the colors. This gift can literally change life as a dog parent. You will be able to see the dog as he runs free at night.

10. Dog socks

Dog socks are a very versatile gift. They can be used to prevent nail scratches on the flooring and other surfaces. They also help in the fast healing of wounds as it stays protected from the dirt and grime. They are 100% washable, are made of 100% cotton and with an Anti-Slip grip, these socks are extremely lightweight & convenient

11. Dog DNA test

If your friend is the proud owner of a mixed-breed pup, he has probably spent some time wondering what exactly went into the dog’s genetic makeup. Dog DNA tests will let him find out—as well as learn crucial health details and devise a better nutrition plan

12. Scented Toy

Dogs sense of smell is 10,000 times more powerful than ours. These toys look and feel like a normal toy but they're scented with flavors ranging from peanut butter to beef and chicken. Your friend can bring the sweet scent wherever he goes with his pet dog. The soft toy can keep its fragrance for upto 2 years.

13. Stress Relieving Toy

Whatever makes the dog anxious—fireworks, leaving for work, a big move—you can help your friend ease his or her fear with these toy. While nothing is as comforting as your presence to your dog, soothing dog toys can help to keep the dog busy and distract them. They can also give the dog a sense of purpose. Whenever the dog has separation anxiety, a stress relieving toy can help.

14.  Slow bowls

If your loved one’s dog is a real fast eater, this product will come to his rescue. Some pups scarf down their food as fast as possible and this interactive dog bowl can encourage them to slow down a bit. The bowl comes with a unique maze-like design, and food will fall into all the cracks and crevices, making it more of a challenge for pups to get at their meal.

15.  Shower attachment

If you’re shopping for a dog who’s notorious for getting dirty, the shower attachment is just what they need. This shower accessory will make the bath time so much easier for both the pet and the parent. It will deliver a targeted stream of water that rinses dirt and grime right off. It would make a practical present for any pooch owner. 

16.  Smart Collar

This collar tracks the dog’s activity and location throughout the day, providing with updates on how many steps they’ve taken, and it can also track down pooches who’ve managed to escape their yards. The collar is sleek and attractive, and it would make a great gift for anyone who has a dog that’s always running around. 

17.  Tent beds

Dog tents serve many purposes. Tent-shaped beds will give the dog a comfortable place to relax without distractions. Outdoor dog tents are made from durable materials and with mesh windows and give pooches a chance to rest under shade after a day of outdoor adventures. These convenient tents can be transported for outings, be it to the beach or an overnight camping trip

18.  Welcome mats

For anyone who enters their house, a doormat with humorous dog related phrase or quotes, is a wonderful choice for unique home decor for your friend.

19.  Water dispenser

How does your friend make sure your dog is not only getting enough water throughout the day, but is also consuming clean water? That's where dog water dispensers come in. When water sits stagnant in a normal dog bowl, it gives opportunity for bacteria to grow. Because many water dispensers continuously flow, the aeration prevents the growth of micro-organisms, helping your four-legged friend get fresher, safer water throughout the day. The water level will automatically replenishes as needed

20.  Toy Storage Basket

Is your friend getting tired of picking up their pets’ toys everywhere in the house then the toy basket is a perfect solution for the pet’s storage needs! Specifically designed for dogs, these toy bins are the perfect solution to organize the clutter while enhancing home’s decor. The neutral colors, subtle texture, and designs of these baskets makes them great gifts for dog lovers.


So, whether you are a dog person or not, you can always give one of these most loved gifts for dog owners. So what are you waiting for? Choose one from the above list and gift a smile to both your friend and his buddy today! And if you are looking for some more ideas, then check out coolest gifts for dog lovers or personalized gifts for pet lovers

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